Our roots

Marquis Advisory Group is an international management consulting firm that has operated in the heart of Silicon Valley, providing independent, useful, experienced practices for over 20 years to both U.S. and offshore technology companies struggling to succeed. Our clients have included Silicon Valley Bank, a cornerstone of this unique ecosystem, that rewrote the banking business model to serve the needs of fast growth, technology companies; Yahoo!, that pioneered the vast competence of the Internet and Progen Industries Ltd. an Australian biotechnology company traded on both Nasdaq and ASX.

What we do today

Every client engagement is unique. Marquis combines deep management and entrepreneurial experience in marketing, business development and operations with a rich network of industry contacts to optimize success for each client. We work as advisors within the executive suite to co-develop a strategy and an execution plan that prepares the organization to capture growth and eliminate barriers to success. Marquis' network of strategic partners also bring experience with debt and equity finance as well as mergers and acquisitions to assist with these efforts to drive business growth.

Where We Are Going

From Marquis headquarters in San Francisco, the firm has witnessed the technological revolution that has taken place in Silicon Valley over the past several decades firsthand. The entrepreneurial spirit in our backyard continues to create disruptive change across many markets and for all of our customers. We strongly believe that the education sector, the environmental sector and the technology sector itself are entering a period of fundamental transformation. How we teach and learn, how we consume and protect our planet, and how we engage and interact with each other and technology are shifting rapidly in real–time. Are you ready?


We are proud of our company, and proud of who it's made up of! Listed here are the partners, though we have an extended network that expands the capacity of our team.

Stephen Anderson

Managing Partner

Founding Partner of Marquis Advisory Group LLC, he established his practice in San Francisco in 1993 serving Silicon Valley businesses in IPO preparation, operational efficiencies, public company investor strategy and organizational revision. The international segment interest began with an Australian biotech company listed on the ASX and NASDAQ exchanges in 1997. Before moving to San Francisco in 1993, he held executive management positions with two Fortune 500, global companies based in Philadelphia. His responsibilities in both firms were in organizational strategy and operational efficiency. Prior to that he was a journalist with The New York Times and McGraw-Hill.


Jeremy Usher


Jeremy has more than 20 years of experience working in executive management and development positions in the United States, Asia, Europe and Africa. He has created and implemented solutions in a wide range of sectors including agriculture, aviation, emergency management, energy, environmental monitoring, marine transportation, media, mobile telecom and national, regional and state governments.

As a business and thought leader within the weather, climate, and environmental sectors, Jeremy's passion is helping bring innovative and CleanTech products and ideas to fruition in a disciplined and thoughtful way.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board both expands our functional capacities and guides our internal strategy.

Ken Balick

Ken Balick advises leading VC-backed technology and digital media companies on engaging their target markets more quickly and obtaining dominant positions in their space. He develops domestic and international strategic partnerships for his clients that enable highly innovative companies in the eCommerce, mobile, and ad-tech spaces to dramatically accelerate their growth. Ken is a Harvard and Cornell alumni.

Dr. Patrick James Caragata

Patrick J. Caragata is an economist, financial modeler, software architect and the founder and Executive Vice Chair of Rapid Ratings International Inc., a software-based corporate credit rating and financial health analysis agency based in New York City. Rapid Ratings rates over 40,000 firms in more than 110 countries for debt, equity, credit, and supply chain clients in the US, Canada, UK and Europe. He lives and works in Brisbane, Australia. He has a PhD. in political economy (international trade in minerals) from the University of Toronto (1981). Patrick is the author of five books including Business Early Warning Systems (Butterworths, 1999) and many articles on taxation, company risk and corporate governance and is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management.

Donald Klein

Donald C. Klein is an innovative management executive with over 20 years’ experience in building new ventures, leading sales/marketing teams, and launching product development efforts. Donald has helped drive successful exits at three venture-backed software companies (one IPO, 2 trade sales), including building sales organizations that have successfully sold into strategic accounts such as Facebook, Wells Fargo, Qualcomm, and JP Morgan. In his consulting work, Donald specializes in pitch development, business forecasting, and product roll-out strategies. Donald has two graduate degrees: London Business School - MBA (2004), Stanford University - MA (1994).

Victoria Willock

Vicki Willock, brings over 35 years of diverse investment banking and corporate finance experience to clients seeking M & A advice leading to a sale of all or a portion of their company, seeking to purchase another firm, or seeking an infusion of subordinated debt financing to expand their current operations.