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Marquis Advisory sees innovation acceleration worldwide in many sectors from agriculture to transportation. Countries with the strongest innovation and infrastructure will be global economic leaders.

For more than 20 years we have served innovative business ventures at different plateaus of their development, providing comprehensive strategic planning and execution for new market entry and/or new products introductions as a complimentary integration of management teams.

Our current engagements are in three of the top 13 innovation countries

, according to Bloomberg’s Innovation Rankings for 2014-2015: United States (6), Singapore (8), Australia (13), with Spain, our fourth, moving into 23rd out of the top 50.

The Bloomberg rankings were based on six factors: intensity of R&D, research personnel, number of high-tech enterprises, high-value manufacturing, patent activity, and post secondary graduates.

“For advanced economies innovation requires pushing on the frontiers of science and technology That can’t happen without heavy government funding for basic research, along with pathways to its commercialization.” – Bloomberg

In the United States, the federal government provided two of the most recent, world changing technologies: the Internet and Global Positioning System. Singapore and South Korea have also used government sponsored R&D to raise their country into being in the top level among countries. U.S. 2015 Budget for Science, Technology and Innovation was $135.4 billion for Federal R&D. Apple alone spent $8 billion in 2015 on R&D, 2% of its sales revenue. Google spent $14.04 billion in 2015.

Australian Government investment in R&D, 2015-2016 is a total of A$8.7 billion, with roughly one third, A$3.2 billion, in R&D tax measures for business. Comparatively, Australia’s new ideas to market by its small to medium sized businesses is considerably lower at 9% than the top five OECD countries that had 19%.

Germany ranks 3rd in the Bloomberg report. German companies make up one third of all research and development investments of the EU. Other characteristics that seem to contribute to Germany’s success. German companies are known to collaborate internationally.

Singapore government committed S$19billion plan to support Singapore’s R&D over the next five years, an 18% increase from the 2015 budget. The country’s investment is to assure that its Research Innovation Enterprise 2020 Plan, designed to support and translate research into solutions that address the country’s national challenges, increase innovation and technology adoption by companies, and drive the nation’s economic growth through value creation.

However, success is achieved through distinct strategy supported by organizational structure and efficient processes. Without that, the greatest innovation and technology cannot make a dent.


Stephen N. Anderson
Managing Partner

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