The Hinge Years- Need for Economic & Political Change in the U.S.

This is the time to create strategies that differentiate your company or government policy, that accurately reads your customer’s (citizen’s) needs and addresses them with your products even with things that they could not imagine but that advance their lives and the next generation as well.

Marquis has experienced the benefits of making an opportunity out of chaos. And if a “bubble” created by a combination of business and government is the chaos, we look for opportunities.

The bigger issue is: Can business and government harness a common strategy for the 22nd century?

The concern regarding facing a new “bubble” in the U.S. economy in 2016 cannot be relegated just to the business and financial engines and their leaders alone. They all are looking into their organizations and externally for a strategy that has the strength of a common cause that binds business and government together, without requiring a global war.

Government is facing its own “bubble” as the voting citizens struggle with the stagnation of the present and reach out desperately for hopeful phrases and promises for the world they want, but do not have.

In the just released book, “Disruptpolitics. US: Declaring Independence From The Special Interest State” by James Strock , the author writes in the Preface: “Nearly everyone – outside of Washington, D.C. – is having similar thoughts: What is to be done to put our country back on track?”

Then he goes on to say: “The dawn of the twenty-first century is notable for the extraordinary disruption and progress that is remaking our lives and work. There are untold opportunities for leadership and service for individuals and networks and organizations.

“At the same time, our government institutions are isolated and inert. Our office holders are captive to outdated and unsustainable patterns of thought and action.

“Our government’s dysfunction is disserving us. It’s not merely a lost opportunity; it is impeding our progress. For the time being, with much of the rest of the world in even worse shape, mediocrity might seem sufficient. But it’s not. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that disruption is coming. Other nations will move into whatever space we leave open for their aspiration and assertion.

“That is just what the United States did during our turn as a rising power.”

Strategy has a strong military DNA, but it has been successfully adopted by business over the post World War II years and become more adept and sophisticated just as military confrontations with an enemy have had to become.

Listen to the practical meaning of the following to see if it could be adopted by business and government.

When a company (or government) is in maintenance mode, operating as though nothing has changed, it is suicidal. Taking a page from the statistician, and the father of quality assurance, Edwards S. Deming, “One requirement for innovation is faith that there will be a future. Innovation, the foundation of the future, can not thrive unless the top management (aka: government) has declared unshakable commitment to quality and productivity.”

Think of Deming’s advice, the concept of strategy and the concepts proposed in what follows as a hybrid of government and commerce. Not one dominating the other, but collaborating (not lobbying).

That is not to suggest turning into a pessimist such as the scrap dealer or the mortician, rather, as optimists, we turn lemons into lemonade.

Here is the hard part. As the chaos “bubble” begins, focus on retaining your customers. Work at giving them a positive experience. On a scale of 1-10, target at least an 8. And you do that by providing added value over and above what they expected. Connect your delivered value to your customer expectations.

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