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Climate change, climate variability and global warming are mounting risks for businesses in every sector. Yet this change in our physical ecosystem also represents an enormous opportunity for companies to evolve and respond to new, informed and rapidly shifting customer demand.

Clean air. Crystal clear water. Fresh food. Cheap energy. Efficient transportation.

Today's increasingly sophisticated and informed customers, particularly those in the younger generation, are beginning to demand products and services that deliver these benefits while also fulfilling their core purpose.

Renewable energy is about to reach the tipping point at which it becomes cheaper than coal on a per unit basis. Battery powered cars are moving beyond the early adopter phase and accelerating up the growth curve. Access to clean and inexpensive water will be issues impacting more than just the residents of Flint, Michigan and California.

How will these and other similar environmental shifts impact your customers, your products and your results?

Marquis’ environmental practice positions your business for growth by aligning your team and your products with these changing market conditions and customer preferences.

While many firms help you assess climate risk within your business, Marquis helps you see climate opportunity. We examine your products and your prospects to help you find ways in which our changing environment can be a key driver of growth for your business.


We all live in it–exploding digital capabilities, adoption and usage evolving at a super fast pace and an ever increasing global reach. This is the reality of today's high tech world. We are in the middle of an accelerating global digitization involving the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data and Analytics, just to name a few.

Our team at Marquis is ready to proactively research, analyze, prioritize and recommend opportunities, alliances, acquisitions, partnerships and ventures in the US and globally. Our focus is on strategy, business technology, marketing and sales implementation and operational support. Addressing critical issues, formulating directions and assisting with specific solutions is what we do:

  • Determining which markets to target in terms of growth opportunities in existing markets and emerging customer markets
  • Competitively positioning your products
  • Assisting in new distribution channels

  • We work with high tech companies in every subsector, particularly small and medium businesses, helping new market entry or expanding into new segments and sales channels. Our deep and wide experience is ready to support companies expanding their business, building marketing and sales capabilities within the US and, conversely, for US firms targeting external geographies. Marquis is located in the global epicenter of high tech innovation, start up launches and new maketing methodologies.