Case Studies

These client case studies reflect the range of client's served, and the integral role Marquis takes, providing the benefits of its experience and taking responsibility.


Akribis Systems Inc. – Singapore, China

Akribis Systems Pty Ltd, founded in 2004, built its business base in Singapore, establishing manufacturing and engineering facilities in Singapore and China on a reputation for high quality, direct drive motors, stages and precision systems. Akribis engaged Marquis in 2012 to manage the establishment of a business entity in the United States, and serve on the board of directors of the U.S. company. Marquis engagement has included establishing the corporation, immigration, banking, legal and accounting resources, personnel practices and resources, and undertaking new market research in medical technology, preparing transfer pricing analysis, documentation and related operations process recommendations.

Comstar – Moscow, Russian Federation

Comstar (now rebranded to MTS) is a full service telecommunications company providing voice, data, broadband services within the Russian Federation. To retain its competitive advantage, the company required a full sales practices and segmentation audit for all customer targets. Project scope included all aspects of sales service planning and delivery: Assessment of sales activities, organization structure, functions and people responsibilities, cross departmental hand offs, KPIs and customer service. The project created a new comprehensive sales department realignment.

CTI Movil (now Claro) – Buenos Aires, Argentina

CTI Movil (majority owned by GTE/Verizon) a major cellular company in Argentina was growingly rapidly and marketing multiple mobile and data services. In parallel, a comprehensive nation-wide fiber optic network was being deployed. The CEO engaged Paul Falchi to work on a dual assignment; to produce a strategic planning process, document and templates while launching a distinct strategic planning function, a company first. Part of the motivation was to take the company to a new level of strategic direction that previously only relied on conventional budget and financial planning/operational cycles. The second major deliverable was to produce a specific strategic plan deriving the major strategies, tactics and major supporting programs to move beyond "business as usual".

Pt Dua Putra Utama Makmur Tbk – Jakarta, Indonesia

Dua Putra is an Indonesian headquartered seafood and fish company headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their engagement of Marquis is to enable a successful U.S. market entry into the high-quality sector of seafood and fish distribution. Dua Putra is a public company, listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange December 8, 2015. The company was founded in 2005.

Silicon Valley Bank – San Jose, California

Engagement in 1993-1994 by John Dean, CEO and leader of a transition management team at the San Jose, California headquarters. The assignments were to improve operational accuracy and efficiency of the bank's document processing; sustain and support the share price; build public and customer confidence of the bank reliability during transition, and build retained management teamwork. Marquis relationship with the SVB continues not as a consultant but a reliable resource.

Sprint – Overland Park, Kansas

Paul Falchi, designed and participated in implementing a new product planning process for voice and data communications services nationwide. He worked and lead teams from cross-functional departments including sales, marketing, international, engineering and finance. The resulting client benefits included an enhanced and formalized product development function, and a set of technology based "leap frog" service options created for the CEO and EVP of Marketing.

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – Africa

As carbon emissions into the atmosphere continue to rise and the planet continues to warm, global development agencies have begun to invest more earnestly into solutions that help the world adapt to a changing climate and develop more resilient communities and infrastructure. One critical and cross–cutting aspect of those investments into adaptation is the need for more (and more accurate) weather and climate data in the least developed economies of the world. Jeremy Usher is working with a team at the UNDP in Africa to provide technical guidance on systems that LDC governments in Africa can use and partnerships they can establish to bring more cost–effective and sustainable early warning systems to their citizens.

Weathernews Inc. (TSE#1:4825) – Tokyo, Japan

As part of its global growth strategy, this publicly–traded Japanese firm acquired a US competitor and needed assistance with the challenges associated with the post–merger integration. Jeremy Usher served to bring these two culturally diverse groups together under one roof and using a freshly designed operating system while also expanding the company's business into new markets. He also led the efforts to establish a new facility for research, development and 24x7 operations on the corporate development campus of the University of Oklahoma, a leading research institution in the company's industry.

Yahoo! – Silicon Valley, California

In 1995, Yahoo! was a relatively unknown internet directory service recently spun out of Stanford University by two PhD students with a big vision and some startup capital. The company wished to become the first internet content "portal", but there was (at least) one problem. Yahoo! didn't own or create the content required to make that dream a reality. So, the company set out to procure and curate that content in three major areas – news, sports and weather. Jeremy Usher and his team were asked to conceive and deliver a system that would bring Yahoo!'s growing,global user base a personal 10–day weather forecast for any location on the planet – a world first. This initiative lead to the transformation of how the world consumes weather forecast information today.