Enable clients in transition to benefit from Marquis’ global experience and expertise

The business road to entering a global market from offshore is littered with failed companies with potential but that falsely assumed what worked in their country would work elsewhere as well. Marquis has determined that failure to succeed in a global market by competent companies does not have to happen. Our experience as senior managers in operations of global business can substantially reduce risk by avoiding pitfalls, creating necessary strategies and increase the probability of your busines ssuccess.

Cross-Border and Domestic Business Consulting

Marquis Advisory Group LLC is an international management consulting firm bridging US, China, Australia and European markets. Marquis has developed a unique business model for its domestic and foreign clients that are transitioning from domestic to international business models, or that are faced with cross-border transactions. Marquis has a high-value global network of professional and financial services firms in over 35 countries where its partners developed a professional expertise. Marquis creates value for its global clients by capitalizing on the diverse professional expertise and the extensive international experience. Marquis offers knowledge and guidance for its clients to reduce the risk, develop essential network and help them move their global business forward with confidence.